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Fakeologist.com is a website maintained by Ab Irato, or "The Fakeologist", since 2012.


The website, comprising a blog, a forum, a Discord server, and the Autohoax.com equivalent Fakeopedia, investigates media fakery, public hoaxes, historical narratives, Elite Gender Inversion (EGI), Flat Earth and other subjects. Fakeologist.com has had many members over the years sharing their thoughts, insights and research into the subjects of interest in "Fakeology".

As a spin-off of Fakeologist.com, the F.A.R.T. was launched in September 2018, a weekly audiochat by Australian Fakeologists having various guests on and talking about Australian pop culture, media fakery, historical narratives, funny news and much more.

Since April 2019, member Geris holds a Friday audiochat, called FRAC where people share their ideas and ongoing research.

On August 23, 2019, Tim Ozman appeared on FRAC 17.[1] Next day Tim Ozman was called "a very eloquent and interesting speaker" by Rick and Rollo of the FART team, Fakeologist and Geris on Fakeologist.com.[2]


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