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FAKE SPACE TRAVEL deals with the psientific idea that mankind could go into "space". This idea has been planted into society since the early 19th century, with the

IPS Statement

"No cameras on the front of rockets proves space travel is all bullsheet. If it was real they would put cameras there because it would be cool. Simple as that. Objects orbiting something is impossible. Breaks the fundamental law that vertical and horizontal forces are independent"

Views of Gaia

"What NASA cum suis do is not necessarily faking reality, but approaching it as if things work in isolation. They present us with 2, maximum 3 body problems [as that is what is at least solvable with normal maths and minds] but we are not talking about just the end of the trunk, you cannot just deny that the rest of the elephant exists. And affects you.

We are talking about million body problems here, which are unsolvable, even if it were physically possible to leave Earth.

No matter what you believe in, what I call FoC; “Force of the Cosmos”, be it gravitational, electro-magnetical, charge, ether, gods or spaghetti monsters playing spiral games, whatever, there is a force, or more, that keep(s) the whole divinely harmonious 4D marble set going; the machine with the biggest, heaviest, most electromagnetic, charged and dominant bodies we cannot imagine.

And then, suddenly, some humans [who stem from bloodlines of stage magicians] on one of these balls think they can beat that whole harmonious set, overcome the Force of the Cosmos that keeps them stored on their home planet? No, but really?

Look up Lagrangian points and SOHO, they are so funny.

“Parking places in space”, “always with a nice view of the Sun”, “missions work without any issues”, “material sciences? Nah, that’d spoil the story”.

Euro Disney was more real, really.”

I think we have nailed the “space travel” myth forever, or are there still Fakeologists around who believe in it, after all our chats of this week?

Please speak up, join the chat without fears and we can bury that nasty uneasy feeling forever."[1]

  • FRAC 13 - "Paper Rockets"
  • FAC 602 - "The Impossibility of Space Travel. Ever."
  • FAC 603 - "Beavers on the Moon"

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"Space travel is real and has been confirmed by independent amateur astronomers.

Amateur astronomers have used topocentric parallax to confirm the altitude, velocity and size of the International Space Station, ruling out drones, balloons or planes, and by filming it as a silhouette against the sun and moon they have also ruled out the use of holograms since the latter would not block background light.


View of Antidot

Space Geometry


Deep Space Simulation

The Holographic Universe is a cascade of simulations.

In a simulation of a Solid World you will have the experience of solid bodys with calculable coordinates.

The role of the Main Stream Media is to keep average people under control of the "Elite". Awoken Humans now know that their whole life is a fabrication of FAKE. Do You think, that the Elite is really in control of the simulation? They are in control of your mind as long you can't fathom what a Simulation is.

How to proof the existence of the 3rd-Grade-Simulation of reality we live in? (for example) The Full-Moon: appears as an illuminated Disc AND does not look like a sphere. Crepuscular Sun Rays: Triangulate the coordinates of the sun. These Rays are a local phenomen. Another observer on a different longitude will trangulate the Sun on a different position.

These two examples contrdict the known laws of newtonion physic.

If reality of the outer world is an "emanation" of a simulation what does it mean?

All the laws of physic are a local phenomenon, including our perceptions and the gravitation.
The sky - i.e. deep space, wandering stars, ... - is a projection just like a hologram.
There is no physicality (d.i. the known laws of physic) outside of the earth.

How to prove the Simulation-Hypothesis (Holographic Universe)?

The scientific method is to formulate a Hypothesis and than to falsify it. (Karl Popper)
That's the most difficult way and maybe you need special equipment.
(that equpment is a part of the material world).

The only way to approach the problem is a non-material method.
It can not help to watch videos about the Simulation-Hypothesis performed by impostors or ego-maniacs. They are occupying these topics where the psyche of sensitive humans is in 'resonance' with, and than fill the performance with fantasy nonsense, like space-travel, astral-projection, law of attraction, after-life, karma.

  • Our common reality is caged by language
  • A so called TRUTH does not exist. It's only a word
  • REALITY is your perception
  • The WORLD is the accumulation of your perceptions

"Does this world only exist in my mind?" It doen't matter.

Why do many people believe some news-media-events are real and others say that it is fake?
It's important to learn how to acknowlege a perception.
For example: The pictures in the media are a reality in your perception.
A 'believer' can not differentiate between the reality of the media-perfomance and
the reality of what he can see, hear, feel, smell (,think) in events of his personal life.

Let's assume you are free from media influence and
you can see the (outer) world how it's truely is.
Are you missing something? How can it be?
Now you have to look for the meaning of your reality.
Unfortunately, I cant help you finding the answer for the last question.
When you are free of all the distractions, than you will see it.

A "good read" - Ludwig Wittgenstein: "Tractatus logico philosophicus"


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