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The Social Media Scam[edit]

View of Antidot[edit]

In social media you have to deal with 'guide lines', 'terms of service' etc.
Often these terms are regarded as a part of a social-engineering-program. And that is true.
The independent content-creators are very creative people.
But there is something they do usually want to ignore.
And that is the inherent character of all executives inside of YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

Look: In videos on MGTOW-channels you can listen to stories about "Gold-Diggers".
A gold-digger is a woman with a particular skill:
She can smell a rich man and she knows how get access to his resources.
Now, her Target is the last man on earth who will recognize her real intension.
And in social media it is the same pattern.
All the idealistic creators can't see what is so obvious:
The employees of youtube, facebook, etc are the most tedious people, they are stupid af.

Do You think you got a guide-line-strike because of a misdemeanour?
No, that happened because these employees are stupid beyond imagination.

Hate Crimes and Extinction[edit]

Do you know that most of these stupid people are Darwinists?
They are and they believe in "science of evolution" and they know that Charles Darwin was a very ugly hard-core Racist. Yes, they know.
Stupid people do tend to project their inner problems on the outer world.
Their inner conflicts are buried in their sub-concious.
The lack of cultural skills make them go jealous.

One kind of bizarre of this phenomenon is the "Extinction Rebellion".
It could be the last stage of insanity before real extinction.
They have hurt so many creators, artists and thinkers with their guide-line-hate-crime bullshit.
Leave all the Fake-Tube-Books - right now.

The Desire for Social Contact[edit]

Humans on earth can not survieve without established social contacts to other humans.
The Internet-Portals of Social-Media are offering plenty of ways to come near.
But there is a catch in it: You do need an account to get access to the Portal.
Before you can get an account you have to agree to the Terms-of-Service.
This Agreement is a Contract and a Binding-Spell.
Your desire for contact to other humans can never become a certain reality.
Why? Because of the binding-spell.
Tim Oz has often refered to the story of The Dark Crystal.
Take it. 'Terms of Service' is the way of the Skeksis.

You have to abandon all the social-media-scams.
Than - Try the Way of the Gelflings - It is called Dream-Fasting